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Car dealerships and intermediaries are constantly looking for ways to increase sales and provide an exceptional customer experience. Becoming a partner with LM Operations, a specialist car finance lender based in Ireland, can help achieve these goals. LM Operations offers a range of benefits to its partners, including 1-hour turnarounds on applications, super-fast payouts, and an exceptional customer experience.

One of the key benefits of partnering with LM Operations is our holistic approach to viewing finance applications. We understand that individuals are more than just a credit score, and this enables dealerships and car finance intermediaries to offer finance to customers who may have been turned down elsewhere – helping you increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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Partner Feedback

At LM Operations, we take feedback from our partners seriously. We’re passionate about continuous improvement and are always looking at how we can add additional value to our partners.

Did you know that we received a 100% partner satisfaction score in our last survey? Which is a fantastic result versus industry standards… we feel these results speak for themselves.

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FREE Sales & Compliance Consultancy

LM Operations provide a free compliance and sales consultancy service for car finance dealerships and finance intermediaries?

With new regulations looming in Ireland, LM Operations can help partners understand the new regulations, assist with their financial promotion reviews, policies and much more. In addition, we’re by your side at every step of the way, helping you navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape and stay compliant.

From a sales efficiency perspective, LM Operations works with partners to improve their conversion rates, operational efficiencies and ultimately increase sales. We’re looking to the future of car finance in Ireland and adopting new ways of digitising our customer journey to make it easier than ever for customers to be accepted for car finance.

Did you know that we received a 100% partner satisfaction score in our last survey? Which is a fantastic result versus industry standards… we feel these results speak for themselves.

Our Products

LM Operations offers Hire Purchase (HP) for a wide range of vehicles including hybrid and Japanese models, which can help partners meet the diverse needs of their customers. We finance vehicles up to 12 years old with a maximum milage of 180,000KM at the beginning of the finance agreement. Our rates start from 9.9%, with a representation APR of 17.9%.

Customer Eligibility

At LM Operations we have a clear and transparent approach to customer eligibility. See below:

  • Republic of Ireland residents are funded
  • EU licence holders will be considered
  • Self-employed financing for personal vehicles will be considered
  • Applicants under the age of 22 will be considered if they have a suitable joint hirer
  • Joint finance applications are considered

LM Operations: Onboarding

At LM Operations, we want to make sure your onboarding process is a breeze. Our specialist team will work with you whilst you get started and will make sure that you and your team have everything that you need.

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Our commitment to you:

  • Access to our innovative Salesdot platform – you can have as many users as required
  • Ability to add finance applications and monitor status’ of each application in real time
  • Comprehensive System training
  • A detailed guide on Customer Eligibility
  • Full details on our HP product offering
  • Comprehensive training guide
  • FREE sales & compliance consultancy service
  • Application underwriting and pay-out turn around times
  • Dedicated support

Partnering with LM Operations helps car dealerships and intermediaries increase sales, improve the customer experience, and stay compliant with new regulations. Our exceptional customer service and fast pay-outs, combined with the opportunity to offer finance to customers who have been turned down elsewhere, makes LM Operations an attractive partner for any dealership or intermediary in the car finance industry.

Ready to get started? Speak to us about a partnership.

Representative Example

Borrowing €12,500 over 54 Months with a representative of 17.9% APR, an annual interest rate of 17.9% (fixed) and a deposit of €0.00, the amount payable would be 53 repayments of €327.52 per month, with one final repayment of €526.52 (which includes the option to purchase fee of €199.00), with a total cost of credit of €5,385.08 and a total amount payable of €17,885.08.

LM Operations Ltd are a lender, not a broker. This is for illustrative purposes only and is not a quote or an offer of finance.

Our finance rates vary depend on individual circumstances and is subject to status.