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Car Insurance Companies Ireland

Best Car Insurance Comparison Sites

Documents You Need to Insure a Car in Ireland

Car Insurance FAQs

You have your dream car, next you need to arrange car insurance. If you are new to driving, do not fear, car insurance is easy to set up, especially by using the information in this article. There are plenty of car insurance options in Ireland, and the right one for you depends on numerous factors. We will break down all the necessary information you need to insure your car and get on the road.

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Car Insurance Companies Ireland

There are numerous car insurance companies to choose from in Ireland, meaning you can get the right policy for you. Some of the more well-known insurance companies include:

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Car Insurance Comparison Sites

One of the above companies will likely have everything you need to get your new car insured and ready for the road. If you are looking for the best car insurance deal in Ireland, LMO recommends a price comparison site such as:

In order to calculate your car insurance quote, simply enter a few personal details as well as information about how long you have been driving and where you park your car. Every insurance company will pose slightly different questions, but all are easy to understand and will generate a quote for you quickly.

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What Documents You Need to Insure a Car in Ireland

There are quite a few documents you need to apply for car insurance in Ireland. We have listed these below, courtesy of Paddy Compare.

  • Driver’s License: This is a given, with it proving you legally can drive, as well as showing the type of vehicle you can drive, which will influence insurance quotes.
  • Proof of Identity: This is another given, with it needed to confirm you are who you say you are. Proof of Identity can come in many forms: passport, utility bill, current insurance policy (if you have one), and a government document that shows your address.
  • Proof of Address: This is purely to verify the address of the insurance applicant. Documents that can prove address include: employment detail/contract, mortgage statements, tenancy agreement, bank statements up to at least 3 months, utility bills, employment letter.
  • Previous Insurance Policy: If you already had insurance in the past, you are required to submit the relevant documents whilst applying for your new insurance.
  • Tax certificate: Proof of tax payment for the vehicle is required, as it can influence your costs.
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate: Again, a VRC is required as it proves you own the vehicle you are taking out insurance on. Your VRC will include details on the make, engine number and engine size, amongst other information.
  • A Vehicle Inspection Report: Some providers will ask for this to determine the current state of the car. You will be made aware if this is needed by the insurance provider.
  • Complete an Insurance Propsoal: This is standard with insurance applications. As part of this you will provide personal details, details about the car and what insurance you are looking for.

So, you have chosen your insurance provider, as well as collected all the necessary documents you will need to apply. At this point, you may still have some questions regarding insurance. If not, you are ready to apply for car insurance and get your car road certified.

Car Insurance FAQs

Can I insure two cars in my name in Ireland?

Yes, you can. If you are looking to insure multiple vehicles, it may be best opting for a multi-car insurance policy.

Can I get car insurance in Ireland with a UK license?

As a result of Brexit, you can not get insurance in Ireland with a UK license. If you have an EU license, you can insure using this license, but for the UK you will need to look to requesting an Irish driving license.

What is the best car insurance for a young driver?

Many insurance providers will offer a policy for under-25s. We recommend you check with providers regarding their car insurance under-25 policy and try to find the best-priced deal.  

How can I find the best car insurance?

Car insurance comparison sites are the best option to find the right deal for you. Sites such as Compare Insurance Ireland & Compare the Market are good options.

Where can I find a car insurance calculator?

Most car insurance companies will provide an online car insurance calculator. If you are looking for an immediate calculator solution, we recommend one of the following: