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We all have to follow laws when driving. This is synonymous with drivers across the world, although the specifics of the laws vary from country to country, with some areas of the world having rules that are hard to believe exist. From animals on the roof to washing your car any day except Sunday, these are some of the strangest driving laws around the world.

  1. In Massachusetts, having a gorilla on your backseat while driving is illegal.
  2. In Maine, parking in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts is illegal.
  3. You are permitted from washing your car on a Sunday in Switzerland.
  4. In the UK and Japan, it is illegal to splash puddles at passing pedestrians.
  5. In the UK, driving with deafening music is seen as unlawful.
  6. Drying your car in San Fransisco with used underwear is illegal.
  7. In Minnesota, you cannot cross state lines with a duck on top of your head.
  8. Before driving in Denmark, you must check under your car to ensure no one is there.
  9. Driving in Manilla, Philippines, on a Monday is illegal if your number plate is sent with a one or two.
  10. In Japan, it’s illegal to be a drunk passenger or driver in a car.
  11. Alaska has forbidden dogs from being present on moving vehicles’ roofs!
  12. Stopping or breaking down on the AutoBahn in Germany without good reason is illegal, even if your car breaks down.
  13. In Sweden, you must always drive with your headlights on.
  14. In France, you must always carry a breathalyser with you when driving.
  15. Animals have the right of way in South Africa, meaning you must stop if animals cross the road.
  16. Your number plate cannot be dirty enough that it is unreadable in England.
  17. In the UK, when paying with your phone in a drive-thru, your car engine must be switched off and your handbrake applied.
  18. When driving in Utah, birds have the right of way.
  19. In Illinois, driving without a steering wheel is illegal.
  20. Not smiling at police is illegal in New Jersey.
  21. In the UK, you can’t drive significantly below the speed limit.
  22. You are not allowed to ask strangers for change at parking meters in the UK.

These are just some of the strangest laws drivers face worldwide, with many more existing. It is safe to say that America is home to the most significant amount of strange driving laws, but what takes your pick as the strangest law listed above? For us, it has to be the law preventing gorillas from being on the back seat of your car while driving!

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