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The automotive industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation, with artificial intelligence (AI) at its core.

This week, Volkswagen made a bold move by announcing the integration of the AI-based chatbot ChatGPT into several of its models. This pioneering step positions Volkswagen as the first major automaker to adopt ChatGPT extensively across its model range. The integration is part of the brand’s IDA voice assistant, offering drivers seamless access to a vast AI database in all equipped models.

The capabilities of this new feature are vast. From making phone calls and adjusting the volume to navigating and controlling air conditioning, all these can be accessed hands-free, enhancing both convenience and safety. This advancement is not just a leap in technology but also customer experience, promising to deliver answers and interact in an intuitive language during drives.

Scheduled for an over-the-air update in Q2, this addition by Volkswagen is set to redefine the driving experience. With no need for new accounts or additional apps, accessing ChatGPT is as simple as uttering “Hello, IDA” or pressing a button on the steering wheel.

At LM Operations, we understand the importance of data privacy. Volkswagen assures that personal data remains secure, with ChatGPT having no access to vehicle information. Questions and responses are deleted immediately, ensuring top-notch data protection.

The latest infotainment generation in models like the ID.71, ID.4, ID.5, ID.3, Tiguan, Passat, and the upcoming Golf will be compatible with this new chatbot. The new Golf, soon to be unveiled, will feature this technology, marking a milestone in Volkswagen’s history.

Volkswagen’s initiative is not an isolated case in the automotive AI revolution. BMW is showcasing its advancements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), focusing on future car technologies like multiplayer video games and live TV for passengers. Their Intelligent Personal Assistant is also getting an AI boost, powered by the Alexa large language model.

Furthermore, after a five-year hiatus, Kia returns to CES, unveiling its new platform beyond vehicle (PBV) strategy with five concept models. This includes the eagerly anticipated PBV5, set to launch next year.

The future is here, and it’s AI-driven.

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