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A close up of car tyres one after the other.

Car Terms

Hybrid Car – A car that can run on both electricity and more traditional fuel (diesel and petrol).

SUV – A sport utility vehicle is a mix between on-road and off-road, where the ride height is higher and the car is generally bigger than an everyday car. Good examples of SUVs are the Range Rover Sport and the Nissan Qashqai.

EV – An EV, or electric vehicle, is a vehicle equipped with an electric motor that utilises electricity stored in a battery, which can also be recharged from an external power source.Top of Form

FCEV – Unlike EVs, FCEVs are vehicles that are powered by hydrogen.

LREV – Also referred to as EREV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle), these electric vehicles are now built to travel further on a single charge.

MPV – Multi-Purpose Vehicles are designed to carry over five passengers and are usually fitted with a third row of seats. Some MPV’s have sliding doors for easy access. They are typically used by taxis or similar services.

Supermini – A car that is compact, small, and cheap to run.

The fronts of a row of cars alongside one another.

General Car Terminology

AdBlue – Drivers of diesel vehicles will be familiar with this. AdBlue is a liquid that is added to diesel cars to help reduce the harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere from the exhaust pipe.

CO2 Emissions – CO2 emissions are emitted from the exhaust of a car. CO2 refers to the gas Carbon Dioxide which is a result of a car’s engine burning fuel.

Cut and Shut – This is common in the used car market, cut and shut cars are those that combine two previously damaged cars to form one vehicle. It is important to note that this is illegal.

HPI Check – A HPI check, also known as a hire purchase investigation check, is used to check the background of a used vehicle ahead of purchase.

SORN – A statutory off-road notification is required if a car is no longer in use. This tells the DVLA that the owner doesn’t need to pay road tax on the vehicle.

MPG – Miles per gallon refers to the distance a car can travel on one gallon of fuel.

ABS – Anti-lock braking systems are essential to the safety of cars when braking. This anti-skid system stops wheels from locking up in sudden braking, allowing you to come to a safe and secure stop.

4WD – A 4X4 car or truck is powered by 4WD technology. This technology provides power to all four wheels equally, so it is particularly useful for difficult driving conditions.

ACC – Adaptive cruise control is an advanced version of standard cruise control. The car automatically adjusts its speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

AEB – Autonomous emergency braking is there to assist the driver in the event of a potential collision. A AEB safety system will detect that contact may have been made with another vehicle and either warns the driver, or automatically brakes.

Cruise Control – A smart system designed to assist the driver that enables you to set the speed of a vehicle which the car will maintain. This is perfect for motorway driving.

Dipstick – Your car dipstick is key to measuring engine oil levels. Simply place the dipstick into the container and measure where the oil level is currently at.

Ignition – This is what is needed to start your car. Ignitions in engines trigger a spark that ultimately starts your car.

Immobiliser – An immobiliser prevents thieves from driving off with your car. If you have your keys, the car will detect that the keys are not present in the vehicle and will shut down, preventing the thief from driving away.

Blackbox Telematic – Black boxes are typically required for young or new drivers. A box is fitted to your car that monitors the way you drive. It uses telematics which is a method of monitoring using GPS to collect data that can demonstrate you are a safe and low-risk driver.

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